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User Guide for Travel Pocket Wifi - Yoowifi Device

Yoowifi introduces an innovative global cloud data technology pocket wifi device, compatible with over 120 countries worldwide (with ongoing expansion). With Yoowifi, users can seamlessly navigate across countries without roaming charges or the need for extensive setup. Simply power on the device and log in to access reliable internet connectivity wherever you go.

Travel wifi device in Vietnam

1. Power on

To activate the Yoowifi travel wifi device, press and hold the power button (4) for approximately 3 seconds until the three LED indicators illuminate. During the booting process, the wifi LED indicator (3) will flash. Once that LED stop flashing, your device is ready to use.

2. Log in

Using your smartphone, locate the wifi network with the ID Yoowifi-xxxxxx (where xxxxxx represent the 6-digit SSID) and enter the password provided on the back of the device to login.

3. Power off

To power off the device, press and hold the power button (4) for about 3 seconds until all LED indicators turn off.

4. Battery checking

A fully-charged device provides continuous usage for approximately 15 hours. To check the battery status during operation, press the power button once and release it immediately. The LED indicator (2) will display different colors indicating the remaining battery life:

- Green color: 50% - 100% remaining

- Yellow color: 20% - 49% remaining

- When the battery drops below 20%, the battery LED will turn red automatically.

5. Charging

- Ensure the device is charged within 2 – 3 hours from the time the battery LED (2) turns red to prevent automatic shutdown due to battery depletion.

- Yoowifi charges using a USB Type-C cable, with a charging time of approximately 5 hours. During charging, the battery LED (2) will flash, indicating the charging process. Once fully charged, the LED will stop flashing.

For immediate assistance during usage, please contact our hotline.

Hotline 090 789 1479 (Phone/Zalo/Viber/Whatsapp)


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